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Hello! I'm a recently graduated Motion graphics artist, with a love for storytelling and an eager creativity!



I'm a Motion Designer in love with creative storytelling!I'm a recent Graduate from the Digital Media Design program at the Red River Polytech majoring in Video & Motion graphics. My goal is to share stories and connect with others, and I'm constantly learning better ways of doing so! I'm ever eager to learn and to be part of bigger things.I've been starry eyed at motion and animation for forever, and now I've gotten my grubby hands on the programs so I can do the art that I've always stared at.


Motion Graphics

Olympics Logo

This project was an animation of a logo in adherence to their brand guidelines. For the Olympics logo, I used their "fields of play" to represent the games and the simple yet inspiring style they have.

After Effects - 2 Weeks

3D animation

Letter Build

After designing a building based on the letter "e", I modeled and animated it in 3D, using lighting and environment props to give context to the story. It is a small fish store at the edge of an island! I had a lot of fun with this one! one of my favourites!

C4D & After Effects - 3 Weeks

Motion graphics & 3D

Cheesecake Explainer

This explainer talks about the origin of cheesecake! To better mix 3D assets with 2D elements, I used various cell shaders to give the 3D elements a 2D look. I'm very happy with this! I'm fond of the stylized look.

C4D & After Effects - 1 week

Cel Animation

Boom Puffs

Boom Puffs! Self inflamming marshmallows! Designing these was super fun, started out in Illustrator and then hand-drawn cel animated the fire and limbs of my main character.

Photoshop & After Effects - 3 weeks

Video Production & graphics

Versace product video

This project was a group effort! me and two other classmates came up with the storyboard and filmed together, but the edit was individual. im very happy with the footage, and the tracked graphics i got to add to it.

Premiere Pro & After Effects - 3 Weeks

Video Production & graphics


This project this was a small video made with tracked motion graphics. The concept and video production was my won, and the tracked graphics were designed to bring fun to the art of cooking!

Premiere Pro & After Effects - 3 Weeks

Thats all Folks!

thank you!

I'm still growing and I'm excited to keep going wherever this art takes me :)

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